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The Heart Sutra

The Heart Sūtra aka “The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom” is a popular sutra in Mahāyāna Buddhism. The sutra states, “Form is empty, emptiness is form.” The sutra can be seen as a statement about the reality of the material world that we hear, see, taste and touch. I understand the sutra to mean: There is no there there. Or here. Only emptiness. The Heart Sutra is considered to […]

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Immune Support for My Mind

Covad-19. Coronavirus. There, I said their names. Now let me straighten my posture and loudly exhale the physical and mental tension that I feel with those names. Do you feel it, too? Tension is often defined as mental and emotional strain. Strain: that’s what those names cause in my mind and emotions as I try to comprehend the how and why of those names. The names representing the microorganisms that […]

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