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In Search of Voodoo: Roots to Heaven (2019)

In Search of Voodoo: Roots to Heaven is a 2019 documentary made by Benin-born model turned actor, writer and filmmaker, Djimon Hounsou. Mr, Hounsou, whose family name means “born in the voodoo shrine,” explores the origin, role and meaning of Voodoo in Benin. Like Hounsou, Voodoo’s roots are in Benin. Hounsou is also our host in the film, but he wisely is off-screen for the most part, and beautifully narrates […]

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The Heart Sutra

The Heart Sūtra aka “The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom” is a popular sutra in Mahāyāna Buddhism. The sutra states, “Form is empty, emptiness is form.” The sutra can be seen as a statement about the reality of the material world that we hear, see, taste and touch. I understand the sutra to mean: There is no there there. Or here. Only emptiness. The Heart Sutra is considered to […]

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Introducing The Inspired Music of Count Carnette

A wonderful thing can happen when you read a book like Company of Prophets: you may feel strongly inspired to research the fascinating personalities you discover! Such was the case with me when I read about the outstanding musician, Count Lee William Carnette. Count Carnette is a self-taught musician living in Seattle, Washington. He began playing the piano at age three and has had no professional music training. Rather, Carnette’s […]

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Qompany Reads Company

Hello Friends, Although the book that inspired us to create this website, Company of Prophets (1991), is out of print, we want to share the book with you. So we are making audio book recordings of this unique and important book! Auset and I are not professional readers (yet) or recording engineers (yet), but we are diving-in, and we expect to learn much long the way. Introducing Part One of […]

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Immune Support for My Mind

Covad-19. Coronavirus. There, I said their names. Now let me straighten my posture and loudly exhale the physical and mental tension that I feel with those names. Do you feel it, too? Tension is often defined as mental and emotional strain. Strain: that’s what those names cause in my mind and emotions as I try to comprehend the how and why of those names. The names representing the microorganisms that […]

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In Good Qompany

Hello and welcome to our cyber home. We, Leo Hill and Auset O’Neal are collectively known as Qompany of Prophets. Together we explore the many ways that following our intuition can lead to better lives for everyone. The title Qompany of Prophets is taken from a book that we love by Joyce Elaine Noll called Company of Prophets: African American Psychics, Healers and Visionaries. The author, Joyce Elaine Noll, spelled […]

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