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Presenting Rumi!

The greatest mystic poet of 13th century Islam, Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī, is one of the most passionate and profound poets. His presence remains strong centuries later because his words seem to reflect the divine, and reminds us of our unity in the Divine.  Born in what is present day Afghanistan in 1207, Rumi spent the last twelve years of his life writing Masnawi which consists of over 60,000 poems before […]

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Happy Juneteenth Pride! Proud Juneteenth!

I’ve come to love Juneteenth so much that there are a few other names I keep finding myself calling it. These are:How Nice For You DayAnd,We Are Not Fools DayAnd,How Far, So Far DayAnd,Universe! Ancestors! Stop Playin’ Day!And, the name that sums up Juneteenth for me is Sankofa Day.It gets me especially choked up and misty-eyed. I’m trusting that many of you will see the reasons for these other names. […]

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Welcome to Auset O’Neal’s Spirit Message Circle!

On the last Sunday of every month you are invited to a group Zoom Message Circle with psychic medium, Auset O’Neal, aka “The Happy Medium!” WHAT MESSAGE CIRCLE ATTENDEES ARE SAYING:  “The session helped me to get through a very difficult time that I did not realize was coming. The gifts shared were priceless.” “The message from my daddy, I cannot tell you how healing that was for me. Thank you.”  “Nothing short of […]

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