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Introducing The Inspired Music of Count Carnette

A wonderful thing can happen when you read a book like Company of Prophets: you may feel strongly inspired to research the fascinating personalities you discover!

Such was the case with me when I read about the outstanding musician, Count Lee William Carnette.

Count Carnette is a self-taught musician living in Seattle, Washington. He began playing the piano at age three and has had no professional music training. Rather, Carnette’s training has been highly intuitive in nature. For decades, Count Carnette has performed for the public as a concert pianist, composer and vocalist.

In a quote from the liner notes of Count Carnette’s 1977 album, Count Carnette Plays Psychic Piano Music From The Masters, Carnette wrote:

I am devoted to this musical effort because much of my work is done through the intuition and requires faith to unlock the path to understanding. Do not think I am pleased with myself, alone. I have much to learn and as long as I live, I plan to work earnestly and faithfully as a Worker of Light; a blessing to those who would let music speak to them. My conviction is that the heavenly vibrations flowing through this music have the power to heal the sick, put an end to wars, and once again bring about peace and harmony to our planet, Earth.

As you can imagine this vinyl LP from 1977 is generally hard to find. I am a fan of classical music, so I was driven to hear the LP. Fortunately, I found a copy at discogs.com.

I love the music, and I made a video of the entire album to share it with you!

Thank you, Count Carnette, for your beautiful music. We will present more inspired music from Count Lee William Carnette soon!

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