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There, I said their names. Now let me straighten my posture and loudly exhale the physical and mental tension that I feel with those names. Do you feel it, too?

Tension is often defined as mental and emotional strain. Strain: that’s what those names cause in my mind and emotions as I try to comprehend the how and why of those names. The names representing the microorganisms that changed the world almost overnight.

I have to exhale deeply and loudly and relax. I don’t want the tension and strain to remain in my body and make me vulnerable to a stress related dis-ease. I exhale the emotional burden of those names.

I know I am fortunate that the names only stress and inconvenience me. As folk wisdom says, “It could be worse….”

I have meditated daily for several years. I have realized a confidence and security that come from arranging time just to be with myself. Breathing. Me meeting Me. Relaxing. Breathing.

I release tension and gain knowledge about how I get stressed out. I have learned that stress is sneaky. It creeps into my life like a hunter after its prey. Meditation lets me turn the tables on stress and dis-ease.

Along with food, supplements, exercise and sleep, supporting my immune system against dis-eases of all kinds; meditation is also a key to supporting my physical immune system and mind.

It’s time to take another deep breath.

Good Health to Everyone and May You Find Your Immune Support.



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