Qompany of Prophets

Celebrating Intuitive Living

In Good Qompany

Hello and welcome to our cyber home. We, Leo Hill and Auset O’Neal are collectively known as Qompany of Prophets. Together we explore the many ways that following our intuition can lead to better lives for everyone.

The title Qompany of Prophets is taken from a book that we love by Joyce Elaine Noll called Company of Prophets: African American Psychics, Healers and Visionaries. The author, Joyce Elaine Noll, spelled Company the traditional way. However, in imagining our project we were inspired to use a Q. The Q signifies the all-inclusive nature of our perspective and the nature of intuition itself. Just as in one of our communities “queer” is how many people choose to identify, in these pages we will dive into the history, present and future of intuition and celebrate our queer and not so queer facets of intuition.

We love Company of Prophets! A big shout out to Auset’s dear friend, Dr. Lorraine Warren for recommending the book. It was the first time we saw, in print, a study of the importance and priority given to the intuitions, dreams and visions of people of the African Diaspora. The book is a look at the internal lives of its African American subjects. To quote directly from the introduction:

Company of Prophets describes the variety of past and present expression of African American intuitivity in the African American Culture.

Most of us are conditioned to believe that the external world we see, touch and taste is more real than our individual internal worlds. New scientific, quantum models say the opposite: our internal life creates our external. So even from a scientific perspective it makes sense for everyone to listen to that positive voice inside them in order to create a positive outside world in which we can all live to the fullest.

This creation of a world of peace and positivity is our passion, and we want to share the journey with you. Welcome aboard this love train that is Qompany of Prophets.

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